Cosy, elegant and surrounded by an atmosphere of times gone: Baxter Bar becomes the perfect meeting-place to relax and slow down. A retro-style living room, thought to enjoy a drink, where the must is fine drinking and feeling at home, in a space to be lived freely, discovering the quality of our country’s fine raw materials, as well as the one of all excellences from all over the world. At Baxter Bar, hospitality comes first. It deals with a cosmopolitan club, where seats with different shapes and heights, colours interplay and a mix of finishes and materials give a flexible comfort, as well as a recognizable, cosy and familiar place.

Baxter is founded on a unique infinite passion: leather, thought not only as a noble material, but as an intrinsic expression of uniqueness of each single leather, of a handcraft product that is always different and irreproducible.

Moreover leather’s philosophy is applied on all raw materials matched to leather, in the same way woods, metals and stones are always used in pureness, in their natural diversity. Last but not least, our belief reflects on the continuous research of something personal in any project, fitting-out or installation, where the product is an evergreen, but the context where it is put is an ever different mood.