The Carnival party organized by Baxter Cinema, in collaboration with Vanity Fair,  inspired by the great balls of last century.

Milano, March 1st 2019 –  It was in 1966 that Truman Capote organized the “The Black and White Ball” costume party at the Plaza Hotel in New York (with Marella Agnelli’s unforgettable mise, made with white feathers). Drawing inspiration from what is remembered 

as one of the most famous parties of the twentieth century, Vanity Fair and Baxter – leader company in the handcrafted production of leather upholstered items and luxury furniture – have organized a Carnival party in the historic spaces of Baxter Cinema in Milan. We’re talking about a location that was once the “President” Cinema, a space beloved to people in Milan and to history as well, a symbol of elegance. “Black & White” and “fête en tête”, these are the suggestions given to participants, who received a mask on their arrival to enrich their outfit, from the neck up, just as in the great balls of the last century; the leather masks were carried out by Anna Storci, an artisan who uses a 100% handmade manufacturing to carry out real art objects. 

“The Swingers” band has accompanied the guests the night away, with its Italian and international-style reinterpretation of swing; in addition to the music accompaniment, there were also some live performances by professional dancers of  great character and stage presence animating the party.

Thanks to Veuve Clicquot and Figli dei Fiori.